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Oyster Bay Nursery

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Welcome to Oyster Bay Nursery! Our Nursery is located within Joy Lane Primary School.  At Oyster Bay Nursery we provide a fun, bright and stimulating environment. Our indoor and outdoor spaces provide opportunities for high quality learning experiences. We believe that every child deserves exciting opportunities to enable them to grow and develop through their play, in a place where they feel safe. This enhances their wellbeing and independence.

Our Aims
  • Provide high quality care and education for all children. 
  • Create close and trusting relationships between parents, families and staff to help children to learn and develop.  
  • Offer children and their parents a service that promotes equality and values diversity.    obn1
  • Provide a safe and stimulating environment.   
  • Provide creative and stimulating play experiences that develop a passion for learning.   
  • Give generous care and attention.  
  • Take forward your child’s learning and development by building on what they already know and can do.

We aim to work together to develop confident children, who are happy and excited to come to Oyster Bay Nursery.

Our Staff

Our Nursery is managed by a skilled, enthusiastic and caring team of staff. It is led by Miss Longhorn, a qualified Early Years Teacher.  

 DJH  3
 Ms Hines
Executive Headteacher 
Miss Longhorn
     Nursey Manager     

Lynsey Rumbles - Nursery Administrator
Miss Lee – Teacher
Miss Gilhooly Key Worker - NVQ Level 3
Miss Dyer Key Worker - NVQ Level 4
Miss Goodwin Key Worker – NVQ Level 3
Ms Elias Key Worker – NVQ Level 3
Mrs Harwood Key Worker - NVQ Level 3
Mrs Payne Key Worker – NVQ Level 2
Miss Pitcher (Key Worker)- NVQ Level 2
Miss Tragner Key Worker - Working towards NVQ Level 3
Miss Lindgren (Apprentice)- Working towards NVQ Level 2

Nursery Sessions

We organise our sessions so that the children can choose from a range of activities and, in doing so, build up their ability to select and work through a task to its obn3completion. The children are also helped and encouraged to take part in adult-led, small group activities which introduce them to new experiences. This helps them gain new skills as well as helping them to learn to work with others.  Children are encouraged to develop their skills through activities both inside and out.

We assess how young children are learning and developing by observing them frequently. We use information that we gain from observations, as well as from photographs or videos of the children, to document their progress.

At Oyster Bay Nursery we record the children’s progress using electronic journals which we print and file into a learning journey. You may access your child’s folder whenever you wish, to see what your child has been learning.

Key Person

At Oyster Bay Nursery we adopt the Key Worker approach. Your child will be allocated a key worker who is responsible for working with children and their families.obn6 Key Workers work closely with you to ensure the provision we provide is right for your child. Children will also take part in age appropriate activities with their key worker and fellow group members to help them grow, develop and work with others.

Administration & Registration Fees

Administration Fee £30 (Non- Refundable) *Please note that this fee does not include funded children.
The fees are payable at the School Office to secure your child’s place at Oyster Bay Nursery.

Sessions & Fees

Breakfast Club            7.30am - 8.30am
Morning Session         8.30am – 11.30am
Lunch Club                 11.30am – 12.30am
Cost of School Meal         (optional)
Afternoon Session       12.30pm - 3.30pm
Afternoon Club            3.30pm – 5.30pm
*Please CLICK HERE for latest pricing structure for our session charges.

We are open for 38 weeks each year, during the School term. We are closed during the School holidays. Children are welcomed into the Nursery from the age of 2 years.


We pride ourselves on the bright, inviting and stimulating environment we provide for the children at Oyster Bay Nursery.IMG 2624

Our provision is across two rooms with free flow between the two. In each room the children will discover a variety of ever changing activities throughout the week for them to choose from and enjoy.

Role play is a vital tool in developing communication skills, social skills and inspiring imaginations. The children enjoy using both our indoor and outdoor role play areas which change according to our topics and interests. Messy play is encouraged both indoors and outdoors in the sand, mud and water trays. Protective clothingIMG 2671 is provided for the children.

We feel very lucky to have such an inviting large outdoor space for our children to enjoy, including a large playing field. We use the climbing frames to develop physical skills, learn about the world in our garden areas and digging pits and we develop creations is our mud kitchen.

Children benefit from a large hall used for dance, gym, yoga and circle games.

Partnership with Parents

At Oyster Bay Nursery we believe parents need to feel confident and comfortable with the child care that they choose, we are always available to discuss any aspect of your child’s care or development. We recognise that you know your child best, it is important that not only the children but families develop & build a trusting & obn5open relationship with their key person.

We like to ensure parents feel informed about what we have been learning in Nursery. We update an information board daily highlighting the focus of each day. This may be used to start a conversation with your child at the end of each session. We also use a parent notice board in the cloakroom to keep you updated and provide termly newsletters.

We provide regular opportunities for information to be shared about your child. You may access their learning journey file at any time and we hold parent partnership meetings throughout the year.

We enjoy sharing and celebrating what the children have been doing both at home and in Nursery. We like to work together with parents to support the children in our Nursery, children are provided with personal targets and these will be shared with you to allow you to support them at home.

Throughout the year, our Nursery staff provide different opportunities for parents to come into Nursery and share learning experiences with their child. Parents will obn4also be given the opportunity to attend Parent-Partnership Workshops run by our Nursery Manager. These provide parents with information about how to support their children with the Early Years’ Curriculum at home.

We really listen to and value what parents say. We welcome any feedback you can give us to ensure we are continually striving to improve. Please let us know how we can further support you and your child. You will find a suggestions box in our cloakroom for you to share your views.

Achieving Positive Behaviour

At Oyster Bay Nursery we promote manners and positive behaviour. We encourage the children to care for each other, be kind and respect everyone and everything in the Nursery.

The Nursery believes that children flourish best when they know how they are expected to behave and should be free to play and learn without fear of being hurt or unfairly restricted by anyone else. We use a visual reward system in which children are celebrated and rewarded for their positive behaviour.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

As part of the Setting's policy to make sure that its provision meets the needs of each individual child, we take account of any special needs a child may have. The Setting works to the requirements of the 1993 Education Act and The Special Educational Needs Code of Practice.

Sometimes children require additional support. It is important that we are made aware of any concerns you have about your child as they start Nursery to help us to support them in the best possible way.

At Oyster Bay Nursery we believe in an inclusive and individualised approach to learning and we celebrate every child’s strengths.

Settling In

Settling into the Nursery is personalised to best suit you and your child.  Parents need to feel confident and comfortable about leaving their child in our care.obn7

At Oyster Bay Nursery we provide the option of a home visit. Visiting your child at home allows your child to meet, and become familiar with, their Key Worker in their own environment.

Following this we recommend that you join your child for the first session and then gradually decrease the length of your stay depending on how well your child settles. Every transition into Nursery can be personalised to ensure your child feels safe, happy and secure.

Visiting Oyster Bay

Families are warmly invited to visit our Nursery and see our children in action! We are always delighted to show you around so you can see the fantastic facilities our provision has to offer.
Please make an appointment through the School office on:  01227 261430.
Thank you for taking the time to read about the opportunities we offer at Oyster Bay Nursery.
Please contact the School office if you have any further questions.
We warmly welcome you to our Oyster Bay Nursery family and look forward to beginning a positive partnership with you.

To see our Oyster Bay Nursery Forms & Policies please CLICK HERE


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