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Oysters Specialist Resourced Provision (SRP)

A Love of Learning, for Life, for All

Oysters is a Specialist Resource Provision (SRP) based at Joy Lane Foundation Primary School, for children aged 4-11, with DSC 0157Education and Health Care Plans (EHCPs) and a primary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC), also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASC/ASD).

SRPs are designed as mainstream placements, resourced to meet the additional needs of children who, without such additional provision, would be unable to access a mainstream curriculum.

Our Ethos:
At Joy Lane Primary school, we are committed to giving all of our children the opportunity to achieve their full potential.  The wellbeing, mindset and achievement of every child matters, and inclusion is seen as the responsibility of everyone within our school. Every teacher is a teacher of every pupil, including those with special educational needs and disabilities, and we value and respect the unique contribution every individual makes within our school community.  

DSC 0016Our Vision:
We believe in encouraging and enabling all children to aspire to lead happy, fulfilling lives, whatever forms they may take. Learning is our key focus and we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, comprising rich and engaging learning opportunities to inspire children at the start of their life-long learning journeys. At times, learning can be challenging, but the learning experience is ultimately something to reflect upon with pride. Therefore, we aim to equip everyone in our learning community with the grit and resilience to adapt to situations, as they meet them, and move towards the future with confidence and self-belief. We expect all of our pupils to meet, or exceed, the high expectations we set for them, based on their ages and starting points. 

Our Offering:
Oysters SRP supports the learning of children who have EHCPs and a diagnosis of ASD as their primary need. Our 30-DSC 0053place provision has been designed and built as a dedicated hub for specialist interventions and therapies, which enables integration to Partner Classes within the mainstream school and, thereby, access to the National Curriculum within a mainstream classroom setting.

The Government and Local Authority aims are that SRPs:

  • Are considered a mainstream placement.
  • Allow children to access a mainstream education; their core learning taking place in a mainstream classroom. (As a rough guide, this should be between 30%-80% of their timetables and, where possible, should increase incrementally.) Most of our children settle at around 70% integration.
  • Provide an individualised curriculum, which is organic, flexible, and changes to fit the wellbeing and educational needs of the child.
  • Provide necessary support and interventions to enable progress within Partner Classes, with the Partner Class Teacher remaining responsible for that progress.
  • Provide a designated, specialist teacher - in our case, Mrs Dowling - who is able to offer daily specialist advice and intervention, to support the needs of all children with ASD.

DSC 0152There is an expectation that children placed in Oysters will access mainstream provision for a large percentage of time.

In order to be considered suitable for integration, pupils will be expected to be able to:

  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for learning and the desire and ability to work alongside or with a peer or group of peers.
  • Show attainment and social capacity which enables them to fully integrate into (and access learning within) mainstream academic lessons.
  • Follow instructions (simple two-step instructions, in Early Years).
  • Work, unaided, for an identified period of time (dependent upon circumstances).DSC 0088
  • Engage with mainstream learning.
  • Show good academic progress over time.
  • Show progress with social communication and interaction.
  • Show generally high levels of wellbeing, given these expectations.

Additional resources and aids will be provided, as appropriate, to enable successful integration into Partner Classes. This could include additional ICT opportunities, resources to meet sensory needs, visual timetables, communication aids, and a higher staff-to-child ratio. 1:1 support is not a provision an SRP is expected to provide, since additional staff are should be focused on developing independence and removing (rather than creating) barriers to the successful integration of pupils.

Outside of integration, children will return to the Oysters hub, where they will either continue to follow the work set by their Partner Class teacher (but in a calmer, low-stimulus environment) or follow individual and group interventions and targets identified on their EHCPs. In most cases, this will be for approximately 30% of their timetable, led by their Link-Worker.

Working in Partnership with Parents and Carers:
DSC 0089Successful placement depends on parent and carer support - of the placement, of our aims and ethos, and of their child. This is crucial, and places can only be offered where this level of support can be shown.

Good communication is also essential, and is supported in a variety of ways; most importantly, via children’s individual Home Communication Books, which go home each day and highlight how their days have been. The day is broken down into morning and afternoon sessions and, where appropriate, additional information can be supplied via an additional note or a phone call home. Parents/carers are also asked to let Oysters know how their child has been at home. (This information can be brief, but we have the expectation that parents/carers keep staff in Oysters informed about their child and any situations or events at home, which may affect their emotional functioning and consequently their behaviour at school.)

If you think your child would benefit from the support of an SRP to enable them to continue to access a mainstream curriculum, please download our eligibility criteria here:

Eligibility Criteria download

Each application will be considered, following an observation of the child in their current setting, if appropriate, and with careful reference to their EHCP. Decisions about placement will also take into account the current Oysters cohort, ensuring an appropriate mix of abilities, age and needs. 

For Further information about the SRP and how it runs, please download our prospectus here:

Joy Lane Prospectus Page

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On this page you will find links to resources which you can personalise to support your child at home. As a provision, we find our children are best-helped when supports at home and school are visually consistent.

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