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School Vision

  Joy Lane Foundation Primary and Nursery School with Oysters SRP (ASD) 
Our Mission

'Love of Learning'
To immerse children and staff in an engaging and creative curriculum that will inspire confident and curious learners.

'For Life’
To promote a whole school ethos where British Values are upheld and mental and physical health is supported, ensuring that children and adults alike are prepared in their lifelong learning journeys.
‘For All’
To provide a bespoke and ambitious curriculum that focuses on giving each child the best start in life to enable them to fulfil their personal and academic potential.

Our Values

For our  School to be a safe, friendly, caring  inclusive and respectful community which upholds
the Co-operative Trust Values of:
Self-Help, Self-Responsibility, Democracy, Equality, Equity and Solidarity.

Our Expectations

We expect our Children to:
Be jointly responsible for their own learning by:

• being prepared to try hard and challenge themselves
• being caring, friendly and respectful of all people, places and belongings
• having good behaviour for learning
• valuing their own and others’ talents
• actively taking part in the opportunities offered during their time at school JLPS
• helping to make important decisions about the school.

We expect our Staff and Governors to :
Support and encourage all children’s learning by:

  • being positive role models who embody the school’s vision and ethos
  • providing stimulating learning opportunities
  • having high expectations & aspirations
  • communicating effectively
  • supporting each other professionally
  • actively seeking continuous improvement.

We expect our Parents and Carers to:
Support and encourage their children’s learning by:

  • being active partners in their child’s   learning at school and at home
  • ensuring their child’s prompt and regular attendance at school
  • having the confidence to trust and support the school’s decisions
  • celebrating successes
  • working together effectively to overcome any challenges
  • respecting and adhering to the school’s safeguarding policy.
Our Vision & Priority Areas for Development

Effectiveness of Leadership and Management
  • Further develop the effectiveness of communicating with our parents and carers
  • Continue to strengthen  our involvement in supporting Schools and collaborative partnerships with CACoT and EKLA to further improve outcomes for our children
  • Plan and manage the introduction of a six place baby unit within our PVI setting
  • Further develop links with the community so that the School site can be used more widely outside of school hours and term time
  • Further develop outdoor areas within the school grounds and set up a Forest School
  • Equip all members of the Governing Body with the highest level of skills required to be both supportive and challenging of leaders in the best interest of children

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • Promote growth mind-set to help children become more resilient when accessing challenging learning and see failure as an opportunity to further improve
  • Ensure that our School’s attendance is in line with National Expectation and reduce the amount of persistent absentees with a focus on Pupil Premium and SEND pupils
  • Further maintain and ensure that support for all groups of children by Teachers and Teaching Assistants narrows the differences in children’s learning with a particular focus on teaching and learning
  • Continue to ensure that the quality of teaching is at least Good in all classes and proportion of outstanding teaching increases
  • To use the refined assessment system to further identify areas for improvement 
  • Use executive coaching model to improve professional practice

Outcomes for Pupils

  • Mainstream: Ensure that all children (including vulnerable groups) make expected or accelerated progress from the starting points in Reading and achieve or exceed standards expected of their age
  • Year 1: To make progress towards a phonics screening pass rate in line with national average (85%)
  • Year 2: To raise attainment (including greater depth) in mathematics for all children including vulnerable groups (especially PP children)
  • Years 3 & 4: To raise attainment in Writing for all children, including vulnerable groups (especially Pupil Premium children)
  • Year 5: To reduce the difference in progress and attainment in Mathematics between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged children
  • Year 6: To reduce the difference in progress and attainment in Writing between disadvantaged children and non-disadvantaged children
  • Oysters: To increase pupil progress/attainment in reading across the SRP. 
  • Early Years: To ensure boys make good progress in Writing in line with national expectations (development matters statements)
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