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We encourage Parent and Carers to be aware many free App downloads may display advertisements, promotions and can change from time to time, therefore they may not all be suitable for children.

Our Top Apps

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Coding Apps
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Daisy the Dinosaur - great introduction to coding for younger pupils
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Bee Bot
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Lightbot One Hour Coding
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Logo Draw - Logo Programming
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Hopscotch for kids - teaches children the basics of programming.
 App Store Logo 2013 kindle  Teach Your Monster to Read
App Store Logo 2013     Phonics Play
App Store Logo 2013   Reading Eggs


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"If we are to develop our students' sense of curiosity, we must be mindful to carve out time to allow our students to inquire and explore." -- Albert Einstein

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The Internet is a fantastic source of both fun and learning; there are many amazing Apps available for download.

Please ask your parents before downloading, even better ask your parent/carers to sit with you to see if the App is suitable for you.



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