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Communication & Interaction Resources

Lego Play Resources

Below you will find a basic PowerPoint which introduces and explains the principles of Lego Play and how this can beLego Play used to develop social, communication skills. The short PowerPoint outlines the three main roles within a Lego Play session. You will also find resources to support this below, including Job descriptions, group rules, word cards and challenge cards.

PDF  Job description - Builder PDF  Job description -Engineer  PDF Job description -Supplier
 PDF Lego Badges  PDF  Lego Challenge Cards  PDF Lego Play – home
 PDF  Rules for Lego Play  PDF  Word Cards 1  PDF Word Cards 2
 PDF  Word Cards 3  PDF  Word Cards 4    

Active Listening Resources

See below for a selection of resources aimed at developing children’s communication skills through Active Listening. Active Listening The resources below can be used as reminders of how to show good listening and prompts to encourage them to seek further information and or clarification if they have not heard or understood. You will also find below a social story ‘How to be a good listener’ which explains each of the 6 steps they need to take to be an active listener.

PDF Active Listening Fans PDF Active Listening Games
PDF Active Listening Request Fans PDF Active Listening Table Top
PDF How to be a good listener Social Story    

Language Through Colour Resources

Language through colour uses colours to help children categorise words, securing their understanding of language.Language Through Colour Resources

Language through colour can be used in many different ways to help children learn. Below you will find a selection of resources to support children’s understanding and use of language following this approach. You will also find a guide for parents which provides a more detailed explanation of Language Through Colour.

PDF A guide for parents - Language Through Colour PDF Language Through Colour Dice PPT
PDF Language Through Colour Fans PDF Language Through Colour Story Plan
PDF Language Through Colour Vocabulary Sheet    

Switch on WordsSwitch on words

Introduce new vocabulary through a kinaesthetic approach using the ‘Switch on words’ word mat.

PDF Switch on words

 Communication ActivitiesCommunication activities

See below for suggested activities aimed at supporting and developing your child’s communication skills.

PDF Communication activitites 5-11
PDF Communication activitites 0-5


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