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Art & Design

 Hall paintings 720x188

At Joy Lane Primary School, we value learning and teaching Art and Design because it stimulates creativity and promotes imagination through the use of a wide range of materials, tools and techniques. It is also very effective as a cross-curricular link, adding to children’s experiences and depth of understanding in other areas of their learning, from creating their own artwork, sculptures and artefacts to enjoying the experiences of theatre, museum and gallery trips. These experiences encourage independence of thought and originality whereby no two pieces of art are the same, even though the same skills are taught.

Art provides a stimulating learning environment where the pupil’s voice is paramount and each piece of artwork is valued and celebrated individually and collectively as a community. Our collaboration with the coastal alliance is a vital and important stimulus for the direction of art at our school. It is essential that children have the opportunity to learn and enjoy Art and Design from an early age to enrich their lives, develop creativity and inspire future careers in the arts.

The Arts are essential in delivering our mission statement successfully. We promote a ‘love of learning’ and work together to help individuals achieve happiness, self-belief, independence and fulfilment, always striving for excellence and innovation. The vision of the Art and Design curriculum includes enabling our pupils to reach their full potential, lead their own learning and become valued members of society through a creative, inspiring and culturally rich learning environment. By introducing the joys of creating, performing and experiencing art to our children, they gain the confidence to express themselves and develop the lifelong skills needed for critical and creative thinking.

Through careful planning and assessment, pupils’ key skills are developed in every year group throughout the school in a progressive system; for example, from mark making in early years to precise observational drawings in Year 6.

Curriculum overview for Art & Design

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