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Curriculum Statement


At Joy Lane Primary School (JLPS) we believe that all children have talents and positive qualities which can be nurtured and built upon. We recognise that our curriculum does not solely rely upon the content of specific lessons, but also encompasses many wider learning opportunities during and after the school day. We aim for each child to have a unique experience during their learning journey through the school; it is how they are supported in making sense of this that is crucial.


At JLPS we embrace the fact that our curriculum is constantly evolving. We do not subscribe to any ‘scheme’ or narrow focus, but are endeavouring to evaluate and utilise current pedagogical research, our own experiences and creative flair to develop a distinctive curriculum which reflects our community’s needs.

The ‘overt’ JLPS curriculum is currently based on the National Curriculum (NC 2014) and EYFS Early Learning Goals. Its organisation is shown in outline through the Long Term Planning (LTP) documents for each year group and each subject.

The ‘hidden’ JLPS curriculum is evident within the ethos of the school and the many enrichment opportunities offered to all pupils such as clubs, home challenges, experiences out of school and links to our local community. This has been recognised by Ofsted on their last three Inspections as being one of the strengths of the school.

Another strength the school is that teachers have become increasingly confident in curriculum-making themselves, within the legal parameters, and have developed lively themes which take into consideration the needs and interests of the children within their care. Where appropriate, meaningful links are made between different areas of understanding to create a coherent experience for the children. Sometimes, the varied subject-specific Learning Intentions do not link well and so are kept as discrete units. Subject Specialists are arranged in ‘Theme Teams’ and are responsible for the strategic overview across the school to ensure continuity, progression and relevant rigour within a subject.

Teaching and learning focuses on these strands:

  • Increasing knowledgeBritish Values
  • Improving skills
  • Broadening and linking conceptual understanding
  • Developing attitudes and values

A flavour of how the school develops and promotes fundamental values can also be found in SMSC development at JLPS document and British Values webpage.

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