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Curriculum Statement

At Joy Lane Primary School, we embrace our constantly evolving curriculum. We do not subscribe to any ‘scheme’ or narrow focus but endeavour to evaluate and utilise current pedagogical research, as well as our own experiences and creative flair, to develop a distinctive curriculum which reflects our community’s needs.

Based on the National Curriculum and EYFS Early Learning Goals, we are confident to create a curriculum that is bespoke to Joy Lane, maximising all cross-curricular learning opportunities whilst still meeting all statutory requirements. Our subject leaders are passionate about organising progressive skills and knowledge across each subject with the aim of setting our children up as ‘ready, responsible and respectful’ citizens.

The many enrichment opportunities offered to all pupils, such as clubs, home challenges, whole school events, trips, visitors to the school and links to our local community, all serve to engage and inspire curious and independent learners and deepen the learning experience so it is memorable and meaningful.

Teaching and learning focuses on these strands:British Values

  • Increasing knowledge
  • Improving skills
  • Broadening and linking conceptual understanding
  • Developing attitudes and values

A flavour of how the school develops and promotes fundamental values can also be found in SMSC development at JLPS document and British Values webpage.

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