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At Joy Lane, we believe that Geography is an important subject which helps pupils to understand their links with and effects on the natural world and also their interdependence with other people and places in the wider world. Geography develops children’s visual literacy and ‘graphicacy’ skills through their encounters with different types of maps and diagrams in addition to the broader concepts of place and scale. We value the principles of ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) and actively incorporate these in our Geography curriculum and over-arching School ethos. Through our Eco-School activities we promote a respect for the natural environment and geoencourage the idea of ‘living lightly’. Our school’s seaside location and spacious grounds mean that Geography can really be brought to life through outdoor learning and fieldwork opportunities. We believe that children become most engaged in the subject through the process of active, purposeful enquiry and discovery and that through this, and their own natural curiosity, we as teachers will assist them to ‘think geographically’. By studying our world through the processes which shape it, and the people who live in it we aim to develop our pupils’ ‘personal geographies’ so that they can become knowledgeable and skilful global citizens equipped to live responsibly in the 21st century.

In the Curriculum Overview document (link below) you will see a basic outline of the knowledge, understanding and skills to be covered. How teachers organise, interpret and teach this may vary and is subject to change.
Curriculum overview for Geography

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