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In the Curriculum Overview document (links below) you will see a basic outline of the knowledge, understanding and skills to be covered. How teachers organise, interpret and teach this may vary and is subject to change.IMG 6825
Curriculum overview for Year R      Curriculum overview for Year 1      
Curriculum overview for Year 2      Curriculum overview for Year 3
Curriculum overview for Year 4      Curriculum overview for Year 5
Curriculum overview for Year 6

National Curriculum Progression Primary
Addition and Subtraction Calculation Policy
Multiplication and Division Calculation Policy
Joy Lane Primary School Maths Vocabulary and Concepts

Through daily maths lessons, children learn not only the basic skills, but experience a range of opportunities to develop their reasoning and problem solving skills. Particular attention is paid to the use of manipulatives, practical experiences and real-life situations, which develop confidence to tackle problems and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject. At Joy Lane, we believe all areas of maths should be experienced and enjoyed by all, which is why we use the maths mastery approach across the school. Maths mastery is an approach that allows our children to form a deeper understanding of the maths they experience in school, which then allows them to apply their knowledge to unfamiliar word problems, and undertake complex reasoning, using the appropriate vocabulary. As a school that loves maths as much as we do, we feel strongly that this approach provides our children with a platform to build on their knowledge of all things maths.

The relationship between home and school is vital to the development of this aim. We encourage parents to support their children in consolidating their in-school learning through the use of 'Maths Shed' online. We understand that mental arithmetic and fact knowledge are key components in the process of achieving mastery in mathematics, and Maths Shed makes the acquisition of these key skills fun and engaging for all pupils. In addition to this, in Key Stage 2, we promote the use of 'Times Tables Rock Stars' to support the learning of times tables. At Joy Lane, we recognise the importance of times tables in making links across all areas of the maths curriculum.

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