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Personal, Social & Health Education

The whole child is as important as the academic ability of the child; we ensure that being a good citizen and understanding how to live in a varied society is addressed within psheour curriculum.   Children are fortunate to be able to engage in a wide variety of enrichment and extension activities throughout their time at Joy Lane Foundation Primary School and this has been noted and praised in our last three Ofsted Inspection Reports.  Instruction in health education will also be given.  Specific Sex Education will be undertaken in accordance with the wishes of the Governors (1993 Education Act), and after consultation and with the approval of the parents/carers of the group of children involved.  Parents/Carers may, if they wish, ask to see the programmes beforehand.  The Staff will answer all the children’s questions pertaining to Sex Education openly and honestly and to the best of their ability.  Opportunities for discussion will be taken whenever suitable occasions arise.  At all times the emphasis will be on loving, stable relationships.

gogivers logoIn PSHE lessons children are given time to share and discuss their feelings.  Adult led circle times help children to reflect on their emotions and behaviour.  At Joy Lane Foundation Primary School we use resources from the Go-Givers scheme to enhance our PSHE teaching.

 In the Curriculum Overview document (link below) you will see a basic outline of the knowledge, understanding and skills to be covered. How teachers organise, interpret and teach this may vary and is subject to change.
Curriculum Overview for Personal, Social & Health Education

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