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Phonics at Joy Lane Primary School

At Joy Lane, we aim to develop confident, fluent and passionate readers and writers from an early stage. We follow the governmentLW validated systematic synthetic phonics programme (SSP) called ‘Little Wandle: Letters and Sounds Revised’. This is a fully comprehensive programme designed to teach children to read, using the skill of decoding and blending sounds together to form words.

Children are introduced to Phonics in Nursery through rhyming and word games. Children then access daily explicit Phonics sessions in Year R and Year 1, with support being provided further through the school if necessary. Little Wandle ensures children build on their growing knowledge of the alphabetic code, mastering phonics to read and spell as they move through the school. As a result, the children are able to tackle any unfamiliar words as they read.  

Find our full Reception and Year 1 teaching programme overview here to see what your child will learn and when: Programme Overview Reception and Year 1

Supporting your Child at Home

Although your child will be taught to read at school, you can have a huge impact on their reading journey by continuing their practice at home. These resources will help you to support your child with saying their sounds and writing their letters. There are also some useful videos so you can see how they are taught at school and feel confident about supporting their reading at home.

These three videos show our fantastic Joy Lane children demonstrating how to say the sounds correctly. Use the downloadable guides to help your child remember how to say their sounds at home.

Phase 3 Sounds - Coming Soon

Phase 2 Sounds - Coming Soon

These videos will show you how we are teaching specific aspects of Phonics in class:

 How we teach blending

 Quick guide to alien words

Explanation of tricky words

These guides will help you understand how the children are taught to say their sounds in Reception:

Phase 2 - Grapheme Information Sheet (1)

Phase 2 - Grapheme Information Sheet (2)

Phase 3 - Grapheme Information Sheet

Glossary of Terminology

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