Oysters Specialist Resourced Provision (ASD)

A Love of Learning, for Life, for All

Oysters is a Specialist Resource Base Provision at Joy Lane Primary School for children aged 4-11 years old with a primary diagnosis ofIMG 0373 ASD. The SRBP is resourced to meet the additional needs of children, who without such provision, would not be able to access a mainstream curriculum.

Our Ethos/ Vision:
At Joy Lane Primary school we are committed to giving all our children every opportunity to achieve their best.  The achievement, attitude and well-being of every child matters and inclusion is the responsibility of everyone within our school. Every teacher is a teacher of every pupil, including those with special educational needs and disabilities. We respect the unique contribution which every individual can make to our school community.  

Our Beliefs/Mission:
IMG 0368We believe that all children should be encouraged to aspire to lead a happy and fulfilling life, whatever form that may take. As a school, learning is our ‘core business’ and to this end we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, comprising rich and engaging learning opportunities which will inspire children at the start of their lifelong learning journey. We recognise that at times learning can be challenging, but will ultimately be something to reflect upon with pride. We aim to equip everyone in our learning community so that they can adapt to situations as they meet them and move towards the future with confidence.
We expect that all our pupils will meet or exceed the high expectations we set for them based on their age and starting points. 

What we offer:
Currently, KCC have commissioned 28 places in our SRBP with an emphasis on adapting the learning environment and styles to meet the additional needs of all ourIMG 0367 children. Our overall aim is to provide a flexible, relevant education based on the joy of learning through participation. All children in the SRBP will be facilitated in accessing an age related curriculum (EYFS, KS1 or KS2) to meet their individual learning needs. Teachers in the SRBP work alongside class teachers in the mainstream setting to ensure all teaching and learning is appropriate and inclusive to the needs of our children. Lessons may be personalised and differentiated to match the learning needs and styles of each child and are delivered with clear expectations and instructions ensuring optimum levels of success.

Joyful Learning Produces Success