After School Club

Our popular Oyster Bay After School Club operates until 6pm in our Oysters SRP’ Building.  The children are able to relax after the busy School day with indoor and outdoor activities provided. 

Children attending After School Club enjoy a varied timetable of activities – ranging from the more energetic sports and games to time on the Wii. Children have the opportunity to play traditional board games, complete homework or just relax with a book or watch a film.
Children are provided with a snack e.g. a piece of fruit, a biscuit and a drink and benefit from spending time with other children within the school.


Collection between 3:15pm & 4:30pm - £4.50
Collection between 4:35pm & 5:30pm - £7:50
Collection between 5:35pm & 6:00pm - £9.00

After School Club Menu

Please contact the school Office for more information and an application form to register a place for your child.

Parents and Carers are asked to pay for all sessions in advance. If this is not adhered to your child’s place will be withdrawn.

For more information, please contact the School where our staff will be happy to help you.