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Parent Council

What is the Parent Council?

The Parent Council is a representative body for all parents and carers at Joy Lane Primary School. It is designed to be parent friendly and a great opportunity to PCbecome more involved in, and more informed about, any decisions which affect your child’s school.

The main aims are:
•To promote close cooperation and communication with representatives of the parent community 
•To work in partnership with the School to share ideas, gather parental views and provide opportunities to ask questions and receive Parent Council 2018information from the School on specific issues raised by the parent community
•To develop and engage in activities which support the education and well-being of the whole school community
•A link with the local community

Please note the Parent Council is unable to become involved in issues related to individual children, the day-to-day running of the School or staff members.

The Parents' Council consists of representatives of each year group. The Parents' Council members are volunteers and, in some cases, elected by the parents of each year group.

The council will meet once per term. Parents and carers will be given the opportunity to submit topics for discussion, and the Chair will PC2agree each meeting’s agenda based on these submissions.
Parents can contact the Parents' Council with concerns and issues they want to be raised at the meetings by contacting the Chair or any of School Council representatives via the suggestion boxes in the main school reception and the Early Years walkway.

The Terms of Reference that the Parent Council abide can be found below.girfec logo

Parent Council 2018 Terms of Reference
Parent Council Introductory Letter 2018

Meeting Minutes

2020 - 2021
Parent Council Meeting Minutes 10th June 2021

2019 - 2020
Parent Council Meeting Minutes 30th January 2020
Parent Council Meeting Minutes 5th December 2019
Parent Council Meeting Minutes 17th October 2019

2018 - 2019
Parent Council Meeting Minutes 3rd May 2019
Parent Council Meeting Minutes 8th March 2019
Parent Council Meeting Minutes 18th January 2019
Parent Council Minutes of Meeting 17th July 2018

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