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Social Emotional Mental Health Resources

Lego Play Resources

Below you will find a basic PowerPoint which introduces and explains the principles of Lego Play and how this can beLego Play used to develop social, communication skills. The short PowerPoint outlines the three main roles within a Lego Play session. You will also find resources to support this below, including Job descriptions, group rules, word cards and challenge cards.

PDF Job description - Builder
PDF Job description -Engineer
PDF Job description -Supplier
PDF Lego Badges
PDF Lego Challenge Cards
PDF Lego Play – home
PDF Rules for Lego Play
PDF Word Cards 1
PDF Word Cards 2
PDF Word Cards 3
PDF Word Cards 4


Five-point Scale ResourcesFive point Scale

Below you will find examples of the incredible 5-point scale which are aimed at supporting children in recognising, managing and regulating different emotions. It helps them measure how they are feeling and provides strategies to support the return to ‘calm’ through a personalised approach. These scales can be personalised and adapted to support in a variety of different scenarios and contexts. You will find a combination of complete, partially complete and blank scales so that you can personalise as required.

PDF 5-point scales Activities PDF 5-point scales Anxiety blank activities PDF 5-point scales Anxiety
PDF 5-point scales Blank PDF 5-point scales Feelings blank activities PDF 5-point scales Feelings complete

Emotion Cards

These cards focus on basic emotions and can be used in a variety of ways to support children’s understanding and Emotion cardsrecognition of different emotions. These can be used in many ways such as flash cards, snap, pairs, memory, discussion cards or however you choose. There are three blank cards which can be used to personalise if there are particular emotions you wish to focus on.

PDFEmotion cards

Social Stories

Below you will find a small selection of social stories that have been selected to support at home. Social stories are aSocial Stories supportive way of sharing expectations whilst acknowledging and reassuring how an individual feels in a variety of different situations and scenarios. You will find a Social Story guide for parents which explains the development of social stories and how they should be used to have the greatest effect.  School are fortunate to have a social story library so please get in touch if you think there is one your child may benefit from that is not available on this page.

PDF A Guide for Parents – Social Stories PDF Being Safe Online
PDF How other people feel when I say or do… PDF How to be a Good Friend
PDF How to be a good listener social story PDF Make new friends
PDF Road Safety PDF Sharing
PDF Stranger Danger PDF What if friends don’t agree
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