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Curriculum overview

‘Every child is an artist’ - Pablo Picasso

At Joy Lane Primary School, we value the teaching and learning of Art and Design as it stimulates creativity and promotes imagination. Here, the children relish the opportunity to explore and create with a variety of materials, tools and techniques within taught and child-initiated sessions. By introducing the joys of creating and experiencing art to our children, they gain the confidence to express themselves and develop the lifelong skills needed for critical and creative thinking.

Through careful planning and assessment, pupils’ key skills are developed in every year group throughout the school in a progressive system, from mark making in early years to precise observational drawings in Year 6.  

We strongly encourage children to make cross-curricular links between Art and other subjects and use it to inspire learning opportunities, such as poetry or story writing. We promote independence and originality in children’s artwork and believe in celebrating the achievements of every child through displays, events and whole-school Art projects. Our collaboration with the Coastal Alliance is a vital and important stimulus for the direction of Art at our school.

It is essential that children have the opportunity to learn and enjoy Art and Design from an early age to enrich their lives, develop creativity and inspire future careers in the Arts.