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The schools in Whitstable and Herne Bay have worked closely together for many years. The nature of these informal arrangements has varied during that time. In 2011 the Coastal Alliance was formed so named because:-

  • It was formed out of strong relationships between schools in Herne Bay and Whitstable;
  • It was formed to advance common interests:
  • It works for the mutual benefit of the schools and their young people.

Coastal Alliance Co-operative Trust

One of the main advantages of the co-operative trust model is that it enables our schools to continue to work in the same way as they currently work and retain their individual characters. We value the diversity and range of school types and are not trying to make our schools the same, but rather to ensure what is special now, is preserved in the future.

At the heart of what we do is a focus on school improvement, staff development, and enabling our young people to excel. We support schools in meeting the challenges of rising expectations through mutually supportive intervention and training.

The ethos of the Trust is collaborative and participative.  Every individual school has a voice, though the Trust’s open and transparent governance, in the key decisions which affect each school. Moreover, the Trust aims to value the healthy diversity which exists across our schools, and we actively encourage each school which decides to join the Trust to maintain and further develop its own distinctive culture and identity.

To find out more about the Coastal Alliance please head over to the CACOT website: