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Design Technology (DT)


At Joy Lane Primary School, we aim to inspire creativity and problem-solving in our students through our DT curriculum. Using the PlanIt scheme of work and the 'design, make, evaluate' cycle, we guide students to think critically and work iteratively. This hands-on approach helps them develop practical skills and confidence in their abilities. We focus on making learning engaging and relevant, preparing students for future challenges by encouraging innovation and resilience. Our goal is to nurture skilled, imaginative problem solvers ready to thrive in a dynamic world.


At Joy Lane Primary School, our DT curriculum is delivered through the comprehensive PlanIt scheme of work, ensuring a cohesive and progressive learning journey. By revisiting and consolidating skills, our DT lessons help students build on prior knowledge while introducing new skills, knowledge, and challenges. Each year group covers three units annually, ensuring continuous development of knowledge and skills. Key vocabulary is systematically introduced and reinforced in each lesson, supported by display materials and knowledge organisers for repetition and review. Comprehensive adult guides and accurate subject knowledge are provided for each lesson to ensure that teachers and support staff feel confident and well-prepared.

Central to our approach is the 'design, make, evaluate' cycle, which empowers students to think creatively, execute their ideas, and reflect on their outcomes. Our commitment to developing active, independent learners is reinforced by the 'voices for choices' initiative, a whole-school approach that promotes metacognition and encourages students to take ownership of their learning and make informed decisions. Through Joy Lane’s Ready, Respectful, and Responsible behaviour policy, we instil positive behaviours, encouraging students to be prepared for lessons, respectful of their peers and resources, and responsible for their learning outcomes.

We employ formative assessment strategies, such as peer and self-assessment, and utilise the Voices for Choices animals to help students reflect on their learning and identify areas for improvement. By integrating these principles, we create a dynamic and supportive environment where students are encouraged to innovate and excel in DT, nurturing skilled, thoughtful, and responsible individuals prepared for future challenges.


As a result of our broad DT curriculum, children at Joy Lane Primary School exhibit confidence, a love for learning, and a passion for creativity. They demonstrate resilience and self-regulation, becoming independent and ambitious learners who are inspired to solve problems and explore their interests. Our inclusive approach fosters a community where learners value and respect others, embodying British values and becoming confident and curious individuals. The impact is evident in their ability to apply skills and knowledge creatively, inspiring a lifelong love for learning and a readiness to contribute positively to society.