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Joy Lane Catering

We would like to remind parents and carers that we are a nut free school.

Please be mindful when sending your child to school with a packed lunch that no nuts are included.

Oyster Bay Catering

At Joy Lane, we pride ourselves on our in-house catering facility, ‘Oyster Bay Catering’, which allows us to design our own menus and offer a wide range of home-cooked meals using fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers, where possible. With a new menu twice a year and themed days to celebrate in-school events, our Catering team is always looking for ways to introduce your child to varied and exciting meals.

Our Catering Manager, Jo, has many years of experience in the catering sector, even working in the Houses of Parliament! Working within the school sector for over thirty years, she has a good understanding of how to cater for a large school with a wide range of special dietary requirements and eating habits. 

Please make us aware if your child has any food allergies.

Our friendly Catering team aim to build strong relationships with the children and will talk to them about their food choices each day, encouraging them to try new things and ensuring they have a balanced, nutritious meal.

All meals must be paid for in advance via our on-line payment system on Arbor.

Free School Meals

Parents/Carers receiving certain benefits may claim for free school meals for their children. Further information about free school meals may be obtained from the School Office. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils are entitled to a Universal Free School Meal.

Packed Lunches

Facilities are provided for children whose parents/carers wish them to have a packed lunch. This food must be brought to school in a suitable container that is marked on the lid and side with owner’s name and placed on one of the trolleys or shelves provided. Fizzy drinks, chocolate bars or sweets should not be brought to school. No glass containers are allowed and drinks should be in a non-breakable plastic drinks bottle. We encourage children to use reusable water bottles rather than single-use plastic. Food that is not eaten during the mealtime should be packed away and taken home.

Healthy Eating and Snacks

Joy Lane Foundation Primary School educates and encourages the children to make healthy eating and lifestyle choices. We therefore encourage all parents and carers to include fruit, vegetables or healthy options as snacks for breaktime. Children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 have a choice of fruit and vegetable options daily, which are provided by school. Children in Key Stage 2 are encouraged to bring a fruit/vegetable snack, or another healthy option for breaktime. The children are encouraged to drink water regularly so that they do not become dehydrated and must bring in their own water bottle daily.