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We are about to launch our exciting new project to make our playtimes even better, in conjunction with Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL).

The project has already started in that staff have had initial training and the children have been introduced to the concept of OPAL play. At this point, we are in the process of collecting resources to launch OPAL PLAY here at Joy Lane.

The intention is that it will change the way we think and how we play together and will enable us to maximise the space we have here at Joy Lane. 

We have set up a Wish List, as well as including a catalogue of smaller items the school are seeking to help implement this scheme within our school community. The sooner we do this, the sooner the children will be able to play with the items!

Any contribution, however big or small, will be greatly received by the school staff - and of course the children!

Click or copy the link below to go to our OPAL Play Wish List:

OPAL Play in action at Joy Lane:

Introducing Tyres & Small World