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School Vision and Areas for Development

Joy Lane Foundation Primary School and Oyster Bay Nursery with Oysters SRP (ASD)

Our Vision

A Love of Learning, for Life, for All

Love of Learning: To immerse children and staff in an engaging and creative curriculum that will inspire confident and curious learners.

For Life: To promote a whole school ethos where British Values are upheld and mental and physical health is supported, ensuring that children and adults alike are prepared in their lifelong learning journeys.

For All: To provide a bespoke and ambitious curriculum that focuses on giving each child the best start in life to enable them to fulfil their personal and academic potential.

Our Values and Ethos

Our Expectations

We expect our children to be jointly responsible for their own learning by:

  • Trying their best with all learning and activities in school and challenging themselves, learning that being resilient is an important life skill
  • Following the school’s Behaviour Policy and displaying excellent behaviours for learning
  • Taking responsibility for their learning at home
  • Being caring, friendly and respectful to all people, places and belongings
  • Being an excellent role model when wearing the Joy Lane Primary School uniform
  • Valuing their own and others’ talents
  • Actively taking part in the many and varied opportunities on offer at JLPS
  • Helping to make important decisions about the school
  • Being organised and prepared for the school day with all necessary equipment and kits

We expect our school staff and Governors to support and encourage all children’s learning by:  

  • Communicating openly, honestly and frequently with children and their families about their learning and wellbeing
  • Having high expectations, being positive role models and ensuring that every child achieves their full potential as a valued member of the school community
  • Keeping children happy, safe and secure during their time in school each day
  • Sharing information, concerns or issues that may affect a child’s learning and behaviour
  • Providing stimulating opportunities, information and homework tasks for parents and families to support children’s learning outside of school
  • Following the school’s policies and publicising them on the school website
  • Providing opportunities throughout the year to share children’s learning through Parents’ Consultations, reports, ‘Sharing Learning’ afternoons and other events
  • Keeping families informed about school activities by communicating effectively through email, the school website, newsletters, Facebook and Class Dojo
  • Supporting each other professionally and actively seeking continuous improvement for the benefit of the pupils and whole school community

We expect our Parents and Carers to support and encourage their children’s learning by:

  • Respecting and adhering to the school’s safeguarding policy
  • Making sure that your child’s attendance is good (School Target 97%) and that your child arrives at school by 8.40am each day with the correct equipment to access their learning
  • Having the confidence to trust and support the school’s decisions and to work together effectively to overcome any concerns or challenges by having a professional dialogue
  • Ensuring that your child is wearing the correct summer/winter school uniform and has the correct indoor/outdoor PE kit and appropriate footwear as per the School Prospectus
  • Being active partners in their child’s learning at school and at home
  • Making sure that home learning tasks are completed and returned on time
  • Promoting and supporting your child in following the school Behaviour Policy
  • Supporting the school’s approach to online safety and to not deliberately upload or add any images, video, sounds or text that could upset, threaten the safety of, or offend, any member of the school community
  • Attending events, Parents’ Consultations and sharing your child’s learning with the school
  • Reading letters and accessing information that the school provides via emails, letters, newsletters, Dojo and Facebook
  • Returning all reply slips and permission forms on time 
  • Making financial commitments to swimming lessons and school trips for the benefit of the children